How to cultivate thinking Skill

Skill is an ability that has been acquired from training. Life is not worth living without thinking skill. Though, thinking is a challenging task just as one of the best thinkers in the history of the world Albert Einstein asserted “Thinking is hard work; that’s why so few do it”. That is true especially when positive and productive is involved. But the good news is that positive and productive thinking can be learned. The following will help you:

Acknowledge the purpose of this skill: the reason why human being abuse anything is because they lack the knowledge of how useful it might be. Sense of purpose generate passion, commitment and perseverance, and these three are source of motivation which give birth to stubborn focus. All together keep you glue to your dreams and goals.

Desire this skill with passion: It is always difficult – I don’t want to use the word impossible – to acquire something(skill) you don’t desire. Bishop David Oyedepo said “until a task is a must, no one can take most of it. Your desire had the ability to make a task a must.

Make asking question an habit: Questions lead to answer, inquiries lead to discoveries. When said asking questions, I mean asking oneself questions. An attempt to provide answer to these question dive you into thinking mode. Take for example, millions of people saw apples fall from apple tree, but only Newton asked why? And in attempt to find an answer to his question, he discovered the law of gravity. How Newton’s law has impacted this world cannot be stress enough.

Associate yourself with imagination stirring people and things: make yourself available to things and people that get your thinking process started. Read book – motivational, stories, fiction, spiritual. Listen to tapes. As iron sharpen iron, Surround yourself with good thinkers that can stir your imaginations. Go after things that will stretched your thought

Think on paper: this is another way to improve your thinking skill. Just the way human being prefer to stay in a place they are celebrated to where they are relegated. The same way we love doing things that gives us sense of purpose. After a deep thought, writing the ideas generated from your thought gives us a sense of purpose – writing in the context is not necessarily writing a book or even an easy but just write for yourself.


Success is not bias


Why did some people succeed and others don’t? One percent of the world population earns almost 96 percent of the total money that is being earned in the world. Do you think it is accidental or coincident? Two percent of the populations dominate the world. Did you think these great men were specially created? All these questions really stir up my imagination. An attempt to provide a logical answer to this question opened a door of new world to me. And I deem it fit to share it with you.

To start with, anybody can succeed. Success is not and will never be answerable to your neither background nor your physical appearance – colour of your skin, height or shape. Mention it, I have seen a physical challenged people been successful, uneducated people doing exploit, people from rough background performing wonders, short men ruling the world, and women making impact. Thus, it not the function of all these criteria.

God had already deposited in everybody he created what it takes to be great. People who really attain this height were not born special. Though their achievement painted them to be one but at least they don’t have two heads neither born with cloth. Everybody is born naked. What makes the difference is first, their choice to succeed and next to it is their commitment to the principle guiding success.

Success is governed with principles. Satisfy these principles; success will dwell with you for the rest of your life. People who have drawn success to their lives have whether consciously or unconsciously find themselves fulfilling the principle of success. It is possible to fulfill these principles unaware. Take for example Cornelius in the book of life, was fulfilling the kingdom principles, despite he was not aware of these principle. When you fulfill kingdom principle unaware though you will get the result but you might not be able to maximize it.

Every rational human being in his right senses desire success. But not everyone who desires it got it. Everyone –  both laze and hard work – show inteRest. Mere interest can take you but nowhere. Giants are committed to doing what makes a giant.  Only those who are committed to success, grasp it. Why? Desire without action is worthless. Our commitment drives us into action. We tend to do things that we are interested in at our convenience but commitment never accepts No when they want YES.

“Commitment = desire + action”

The lesson of this write is to reshape you view about success, it is not inherent. It is not a respecter of all persons but only those who obey the principles. It answers when the principles that governed it is obeyed.

Change your status through Thought. Part 1

Change your status through thought is a series that will run from part one to part four let start with part one

Important of thinking skill

Thinking liberate: Thinking especially at productive level liberate has the ability to liberate people from oppression. Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler understood the unlimited power of thought when he said “What luck for rulers that men don’t think”. Take your time to think, it is a source of power.

Thinking is Priceless

I believed Author Napoleon Hill when he said, “More gold has been mined from thought of man than has ever been taken from the earth” but the truth is that gold tap out, stock market crash, real estate investment can go sour, but human mind with the ability to think well is like a diamond mine that never runs out.

Thinking generate idea: thinking produces idea, and idea rule the world. George Washington believes “idea is more power than guns, we may allow our enemy to have gun but why should we let them have ideas?”

The danger of living without goal

“Goal in this context means the aim and objective towards which an endeavor is directed”

Many people work so hard, some are diligent enough but yet they don’t seem to get anywhere – do anything – worthwhile just because they live a life without goal.

Highlighted below are some of the dangers one intentionally expose hiImagemself to when living without goal:

You lack direction in the absent of goal: There is a common saying that “if you lack the knowledge of where you are going, any road is the road. And when you lack direction. Goal serves as both starting and the ending point. It gives you both direction and destination to head for

Without goal, you lack focus: The important of focus in success race cannot be overemphasis, the different between good and great is a little extra effort, this little effort is motivated by focus – especially stubborn focus, and focusing without goal is infeasible. You focus on your goal, but, if the goal is not existing, what will you focus on.

Life without goal = life full of tragedy: The tragedy of life doesn’t lies in not reaching your goal but on not having a goal to reach. When you escape goal setting in life, you can’t escape the it consequence which at the long run result in tragedy.

Life without goal is a life without meaning: Just imagine Manchester United FC playing with Chelsea FC without a goal post, it is unreasonable. In the same vein, life without goal is unreasonable life

Without goal, your gift remain dormant: The importance of gift is that it brings you on the same table with great men, many people have great gift but unable to unwrap it just because the lack goal. Well prepared goal help you to discover your gift, motivates you to maximize your discovered gift.

Without goal, you lack value for time: one reason why people are unsuccessful is because they had no value for time – one of the most important resource one can think of – as a result they waste it, and the implication of wasting time which is a life full of depression and frustration bounce on them when you waste too much of time, it is difficult to escape frustrated life. To avoid frustrated life proper goal setting is an escape route

Life without goal = life full of urgency: Successful men has the ability to recognize challenge – problem – before it becomes an emergency, and this is done and monitored by organized goal Without goal, motivation is unthinkable: The important of motivation in human race cannot be overemphasize, but without goal it is imperatively impossible to be motivated, if the purpose of something is  unknown then on what ground will you be motivated.

Friend, proper goal setting is more important than hardworking and high intelligent quotient in predicting success in human endeavor – business, finance. Let me leave you with this the paraphrased quote “Nothing in the take the place of goal setting, Talent will not, Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent Genius will not Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb Not even education The world is full of educated derelicts Hard work will not”, Plenty unsuccessful people are hard work But well defined goal plus all the above will lead to the highway of fulfillment.

Ignorance is more deadly than disease

ignoranceIt is often said that what a man does not know, can’t kill him”. For long I was meant to believe this, until my findings proved this statement to be not only false but ironic. Nothing has a better chance of killing a man than the things he doesn’t know. The Holy Bible attest to this by stating “my people perish for lack of knowledge “. Jesus described knowledge of the truth as the only thing that can make a man free. Ignorance therefore not only kills but can put a man in chains. Bob Marley called it “mental slavery ” in redemption song. With all the known danger of ignorance I still find it hard to understand why people fear poverty,  disease and death more than ignorance. Though diseases had been a discovered threat to human beings for years. But, Ignorance is a plague I know that is more deadly than diseases. Diseases had killed many, ignorance had killed many more. In fact, ignorance kills faster and more effective than any disease you can think of. Research had proven that 80 percent of the people living with diseases contracted it as a result of ignorance. 60% died of the disease because they lack the knowledge of how to maintain it – still traceable to ignorance. To a certain extent, ignorance is a universal condition – we are all ignorant of one thing or the other. But the degree of ignorance make a difference. African for example, are living in lack not because we are black – as most people thought –  but because we lack the knowledge required to live above lack and want. This reflects the common saying that “If you are not inform, you will definitely be deformed”. Diseases hardly make people poor –  At least I have seen and heard of numerous successful people that are struggling with disease. But, ignorant successful people are scarce. If I am to tag a single cause of poverty, I will say people are poor because of their unawareness about what they can do to succeed. Millions opportunities exist, the inability to acknowledge and maximize them makes poverty. Ignorance is the source of most suffering. Africa is almost synonymous to suffering. Unemploymen­t become our daily song, five thousand people apply for a single post, poor African is almost a proverb. All these are happening not because we are poor as a nation, neither because God didn’t bless us. But, because we are ignorant of what and how to effec­tively utilize the resource in our possession. Diseases made Africa their habitation not be­cause of  our geographical location but because of the level of ignorance. The bad news is that neither heavenly nor earthly court will accept ignorance as an excuse. God watched His people destroyed because they lack knowledge Hosea 4:6. That is to tell you how much God detest people who hated knowledge. But the good news is that you don’t have to travel half the world to get the knowledge that will render ignorance inactive. How to overcome ignorance

  • Accept that ignorance is deadly
  • Be aware of your ignorance
  • Make a decision to declare war against it.
  • Chose to expand your knowledge.
  • Develop a strong discipline culture to follow your decision
  • Utilize every available opportunity to learn new things on daily
  • Create one if the said opportunities are not visible
  • Kill your ego
  • Reading books can be a cure too. And it is cheap.

To know that you do not know is the best. To think you know when you do not is a disease. Recognizing this disease as a disease is to be free of it. Let me close with a quote from Atwood Townsend “No matter how busy you think or claim you are, you must find time for reading or surrender yourself to self chosen ignorance”

Winners never quit, quitters never win

why-newbie-bloggers-quit-bloggingAt a sale convention, the corporate sales manager got up in front of all two thousand of his firm’s salespeople delivering a motivational speech. At a point he asked,

“Did the Wright brothers ever quit”

“No” the sales force shouted.

“Did Charles Lindbergh ever quit” he asked.

“No the salespeople shouted again.

“Did Lance Armstrong ever quit”

Again they echoed “No”.

He bellowed for a fourth time “Did Thorndike McKester ever quit?”

There was a confused silence for a long moment, then a sale person stood up and asked “Who in the world is Thorndike McKester? Nobody ever heard of him.” The sales manager snapped back, “Of course you never heard of him – because he quit”.

 “Many of life’s failure are people who do not realize how close they are to success when they quit”. –Thomas Edison 

Are you facing challenges in your career or business? Quit is not an option. One important thing worth knowing about quit is that “Anytime you see quitting as an option, it send you sense of reasoning on vacation and your perseverance spirit on leave” thus do everything within your capacity erase this dangerous word from your mental dictionary. Every successful people you can see around does that consciously.

Is your marriage facing difficulties? It is too late to quit. Past winners over the same trials you are facing, became victorious not because they didn’t face challenges but because the choose never to quit because It is too late to quit. Divorce the “quit” mentally and make an effective pursuit of your career. Your are too closer to your breakthrough than to quit.

Make your passion your profession

ImageI have often wondered why many who seem to have achieved what others dream of, live in unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Looking around, even a blind man can see that there is a growing trend of depression, suicide and frustration in our society today. In my search for answers it occurred to me that perhaps people are living their lives to meet and measure up to the demands and expectation  of others and society. When you choose to dress in a particular way, own a particular device or wear a certain hair style, do we do it because we love them or is it borne out of societal pressure?

Take a minute to think of what could have happen “If Michael Jackson’s father had force to be a boxer and Mike Tyson is persuaded to go into music” What could have been their testimonies? After a critical study of people who make wave and those who don’t, I discovered that those giant strides have something in common. If you care to know, they all love what they do. This landed me to the hypothesis that “You may likely get nothing tangible from anything you are not passionate about”. Show me a man who succeed, I will show you a man who is passionate about what he does.

Passion and profession are three way things. one is do what you love, the other is love what you do or don’t do it. Never make a choice of any kind, be it in life or career, just because it is ranked higher in someone else achievement scale. But make your choice to do what engages your heart and mind. Because when passion is involved, career flourish. But when it is not, frustration is inevitable.

The problem of choosing profession and career is not uncommon among the youth. Where did this problem emanate from? Of course our culture. Our society and culture believe that, the only acceptable way of life is being a doctor, engineer, lawyer or taking the regularly kind of job. That is not correct. Entertainer – comedian, actor, footballer – make more money and fame than all this professions our culture believes in.

Why is passion important in choosing career.

Our career lies in our passion: God don’t make mistake – it is not in his nature. It doesn’t create people to talented in one area but interested in an unrelated. Your passion goes in line with your career. My personal belief is that, your profession is hidden in your passion.  

Passion keeps you in tough times: no doubt, everything cannot workout the way you plan or want it, probably because that in the nature of Life. Things will definitely go wrong. When this time surface, passion will keep you. Your passion keep you going when other are quitting.

Passion is a generate of motivation: Micheal Jackson rehearsed for averagely five hours daily, Lionel Messi  trained more than seven hours out of 24hours in a day. Bishop David Oyedepo, Alinko Dangote, and host of world changers worked average 18hours on daily basis. Nothing can keep all these men other than their passion for what they do?

Passion strengthen your determination: Every rational human being love to be at the top of his profession. But as it is, not everybody that want to be at the top are there. What makes the difference? Determination. And this determination is strengthen by our passion.

Passion produces stubborn focus and genuine perseverance: The role of focus and perseverance cannot be stressed enough when achievement is required. Nothing can keep you focus and strengthen your ability to persevere like the deep love you have towards your career 

How do you awake your potential

The previous article suggest to us that everyone created by God have the required potentials to succeed, this series will be incomplete if how to awake these potentials are not uncovered. The following will help you:images (3)

Acknowledge that you have potential: like any other life issue, anything you don’t recognize, you can’t utilize. Everything that you need to succeed is deposited inside of you, the problem is that you can’t recognize them. Believe that you have these potentials,  believe in yourself, you can’t afford to paralyses yourself with doubt. John Maxwell asserted “you may succeed even if nobody around around you believe in you, but you can’t succeed if you didn’t believe in yourself” thus believe in God, yourself, and your potentials, then work with your believe.

Go back to the original designer: No one can know or describe the operational principle of a product than the manufacturer, God created you, He deposited these potentials in you, so He can  explain everything about it better than any other person. The good news is that He is willing and ready to attend to you any day any time.

Cultivate active and productive thinking culture:  Inquiries lead to discoveries just as questions lead to answer, when you inquire for your potentials, you will definitely discover them, and trust me, the best way to make this inquiry is through thorough thinking. A Wise man once said that “The best of your potentials is reserved in your innermost being and it takes a deep thinking to draw them out”.

Engage yourself in difficult task: Some difficult task demands special potential, in an attempt to meet this demand, your potential can be fished out. I remember my school days, my final year project seem to be too tough for me, I approach different persons for help, but the response I got wasn’t palatable. I decide to tackle it myself and believe me honestly, though it wasn’t easy, but something reasonable came out.  Most people thought they had no potential, but, trust me they had vast potentials, just that they have never discover this let alone develop simply because they have never acknowledge it or probably circumstance in their life have never demand for it.

Everyone has an awesome potential

potential1Have you ever thought of it why some people succeed exceedingly and others don’t? did you think people succeed because of their potentials? And lastly, do we have any man on this planet earth without any potential? The truth is this “Potentials; when discovered, developed and maximize can lead you to success – huge one, but unwrapped potential can be a source of frustration”. On the other part, everyone created by God has a potential that can change the world for good. How do I know this “God value purpose, He had reason for everything he does. I believe He can’t spend his time create an invaluable being”. So in as much you are created by God, you are valuable.

Just as I have established, every human being had potentials, but while some people engage their potential actively, many potentials are busy sleeping – dormant. Some people had great athletic potential but never play a game, many people had pool of books that can transform the world in them but had never wrote an article. It is more than a tragedy to have something in abundance yet suffering the lack of that same thing.

Eckhart Tolle once said “You don’t become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you” Everything you need to succeed is embedded in you by the creator. so if you are one of the people who think they have no potential or believe some people succeed because they are superman, this is not the time to doubt or overate but the time to search for your potentials – they are definitely there, awake them, develop, and actively engage them at your own profit. In the next publication, I will explain how to awake the potential in awesome potentials in you. Watch out.

Failure might be blessing sometimes

failureFailure always come with benefit, the problem is that we are not always aware of it, and we are not entitle to this benefit if we refuse to acknowledge them. Acknowledging them determines our attitude towards the so called failure, and in turn determine our altitude after failure.

How will you feel about an incident that claims your spinal cord and put you permanently on wheel chair. I am sure many people won’t be positive about it. But that was exactly what happens to Yinka Ayefele – a renown gospel artist in Nigeria. But his response was positive and the event turned everything around for him and launch him to his music career.

For many years, Ayefele worked as freelance broadcast journalist at the FRCN Ibadan Nigeria. Then not many Nigerians knew about him and his talent for music. He used to produce jingles and musical works on radio. In 1997 he had an ghastly automobile accident which claim his spinal cord, and paralyzed from the waist down. After spending nine month on hospital bed, his friend, Kola Olotu advised that instead of wasting away in the hospital, he can put some songs together. Yinka put up some tracks which he called “Bitter Experience” the plan was for him to launch the album and use the generated fund for further medical treatment abroad. The success of bitter experience made Ayefele a household in music industry. Today, Ayefele is on the top list of entertainer in Nigeria despite the fact that he never left the wheelchair after the 1997 incident. Failure always come with series of opportunities, Ayefele was fortunate enough to identify, utilize and maximize his opportunity.

The same way, you can change the way you see failure just like Yinka Ayefele did, and you will maximize the hidden benefit that comes with it.