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Hatred is a deep and emotional extreme dislike that can be directed against individuals, entities, object or idea. It all start from our inner being. Our mind housed hatred. It is more of our thought than our action but trust me evil intention can be as serious as evil action.
Hatred has a whole lot of problem in the world, but has not solved one yet. It wreaks havoc on relationship, breaks up families, and even take away innocent lives. Statistics shows that 80% of the evil deed that exist in the world today stems up from hatred. Mention it. Murder happen in the absent of love. When love is absent hatred takes over. It is almost impossible to rape someone we love. Is that confusing? Love differs from lust. Love is not equal to infatuation.
The ten laws of Moses was summarized in two by Jesus Christ. And the two are based primarily on love – the opposite of hatred. God is love and anyone who desire to relate with must have not only the capacity to love but maximize this capacity.
Apart from being the source of evil, and jeopardize our relationship with our maker. hatred is like an acid that does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. It is a burden. In fact, it causes mind ulcer. With hatred, thought of revenge and destruction can cloud our mind. Whereas, The mind the bottled with these thoughts hardly – or occasionally – know peace. Because peace and hatred are cat and rat. Tell me the essence of living in the absent of peace and rest?
There is no escape route to hatred in the bible. The story of a young man called Sola illustrates this better. Sola was tired of his marriage, he went to his pastor to complain. These were their conversation.
Sola: My home has turned to a mini hell. In fact, I hate my wife with passion.
Pastor: But God commanded us to love wife.
Sola: She is not my wife. As a matter fact, we don’t sleep in the same room
Pastor: The bible said love your neighbour.
Sola: She is not my neighbour. Should a tell you the truth? She is my enemy
Pastor: Forget not, God said, love your enemy.
As you can see, the bible left no stone unturned and gave no license to hate. Hatred is evil and every evil is from devil. The only thing the bible permit you to hate is SIN. When I said sin, I mean sin and not SINNER.
Beware life is too short, too precious to be eaten up by hatred.